Monday, 8 January 2007

I'm it

I've been tagged by Alex to tell everyone 5 things about myself that people probablly don't know. It's been interesting reading all sorts of peoples blogs on this. So I guess I'll join in :-)

1. I did martial arts for 16 years, Karate and Bujinkan (Ninjutsu)
2. I love studying philosophy, psychology, and religion. I'm interested in peoples belief systems, my beliefs, and why we have the beliefs we do. I am intrigued in how powerful ideas can be in changing peoples experience of life.
3. I lived in Italy during my teens as my father was doing research in Turin. I remember we were living in a place with 14th and 17th century furniture and "ladies of the night" patrolled directly below my bedroom window (we were on the second floor)
4. I suffer from insomnia to the mystery of myself and doctors.
5. I've never been to a concert ( rock, pop, classical or otherwise), this surprises many people, I have no idea why I've never been to one, it's not because I dont like music, oddly enough it's never occured to me to go, and there's been lots of times where I almost ended up going to one with friends but for some reason it never happened.

As for tagging other people, I'm going to make a dead end :-)

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