Friday, 22 June 2007

Refactoring your Editing with Resharper 3.0

Jetbrains have release a new version of Resharper.


This is simply a fantastic tool!  Though, if you are new to resharper it can be hard to see why its so good.   It's not until you see a Resharper Jedi  at work do you really understand why people rave about it.


The real trick to it is learning / customizing the keyboard bindings and then letting them become second nature.

The second major trick is to go through all of the resharper goodies and all  the options and customize the settings.  Make your own live templates, your own file templates, bind it all to keys.  

Now you can refactor your editing.  Any time you duplicate any kind of action / typing, then chances are you can automate it with resharper.  Never type a for loop again, learn the magic of Alt-Ins


It also helps with XML and XAML.   Nice for WPF type development, though there's a heck of a lot more Resharper could do for XAML.

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