Tuesday, 4 September 2007

To Post or not to post that is the question

Lately I've written a lot of blog posts but haven't actually published them.

Mostly they are posts with a key "idea" and then I've built up some discussion around that idea, however I find that I really want to write comprehensive essays around the topic. I eventually give the post up and leave it as a draft as it turns into a mini project :-)

I'm wondering if I should still publish unfinished posts? Or is better to keep them in draft till you can present a complete idea?

My unfinished posts are :-

Product Development
Value Stream Mapping
Cross Functional Teams
Maintaining Design Options
Design Patterns - Smart soloutions for bad languages?
How to screw up your design
Technical Debt
Whats really going on? How we end up deluding ourselves

1 comment:

Simeon Pilgrim said...

If it where software and you where agile inclined the chant would be post early post often. But it is your blog. Personally I like reading ideas (even half-baked) and then discussing them all the way to baked.