Thursday, 4 October 2007

What are your skills?

Just want to vent.....

When a cook applies for a job do they list their skills as....

Frying Pans
Spring Onions

Because many (not all) software developers seem to love to list their skills as :-

Visual Studio C#
Windows XP

Which leads me to believe they have no skills at all.


Dave said...

I suspect you're not comparing apples with apples.
Chefs would list their skills at the same level as coders.
Sous chef, pastry chef, cakes or what ever. If your example was to be right, coders would list their skills as for, if, while, Goto (for old timers), ls, grep which are all the ingredients and tools of the languages etc

Keith said...

Chefs tend to list how they make a difference to the business, how they create value.

The key skills for chef being innovation, organisation, and management.

the point is not so much if you list pots and pans or pastry and cakes as a logical equivlent to computer languages / frameworks /technologies...

They have a place in a resume / CV ... Im not advocating not saying what tools your familiar with, it just dosnt mean much with out giving some ideas of the skills you have to weild those tools.