Wednesday, 19 March 2008


ViEmu is a Vim plugin for Visual Studio. I first came across it in

It seems to be gaining a little bit of popularity, I had spent a bit of time a while back learning the basics of Vim so I installed it a while back, but it seemed to clash a bit with resharper so I backed out of it again. However, I have recently gone back to it and have remapped some of the resharper stuff.

In fact one of the best things you can learn with Resharper is using the Alt-R (which activates the menu item) and using the keys to drive it from there. It's surprisingly effecient, as is Vim style editing.

Now one of the the things I did to make Vim editing a whole lot better was turn my CapsLock into Esc. ( using ScanMapper from ) I usually disable capslock anyways because its a completely useless key, so it was great to find a good use for it.

For those of you who might be a little confused why anyone would want to use Vim style editing (it is a little bizzare). Once you get the hang of keyboard comboing (much like resharper) you can edit very efficiently. You definitely have to spend a fair bit of time teaching yourself the basics. (worth getting something like gvim to play around )

Anyways, ViEmu is pretty good, definitely worth trying if you want to multiply your resharper jedi powers in another dimension :)

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