Thursday, 15 April 2010

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010s lipstick on a Pig


4 key bindings are visible out of a list of thousands? WTF! this screen has been retarded for a number of versions now.  So simple to fix.  Sure there is some really nice lipstick stuck on this Pig.  We have some nice stuff.  But perhaps it would of been nice to revisit all the core UI and update it.  Heck, just make the settings box resizable.

wonder if there is a plugin to provide a better keybinding experience?

Bleat over.

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Yann said...

Oh boy, do I agree with you on this. I'm at a total loss to understand why this dialog box is not at the very least resizable.

I've passed on feedback to the developers of the new Productivity Power Tools (they created a replacement for the add reference dialog), whether this gets any attention or not we'll have to wait & see.

It's insane that just about everything has to be scrolled in this dialog.